28.08.2017  – Press release


                Top International Model of the World will be gathering once again models from around 25 countries around the globe in one UNIQUE modeling contest. This year, models will have some job specific activities as well as some cultural activities.

The competition will take place between 20-27 September 2017 at the luxurious DIT Majestic Beach Resort – Sunny Beach, Bulgaria, who will host the models and international guests.

Models will be trained by Lyron Martina (Netherlands) – the official catwalk trainer of the competition – with more than 20 years experience in the world of beauty, by Iulian Dinu (Romania) – Director of Fitness Education School – the official fitness trainer, and by Robert Cazan – President of Top International Model of the World, who will be training models about how to behave in different situations.

The models will have also some specific activities (photo sessions, interviews) as well as some cultural activities to meet Bulgarian attractions (visit to Nessebar Old City, boat trip) and many many surprises.

Robert Cazan – President of Top International Model of the World: “ I’m so excited about this year’s edition, we have so many beautiful models. I can’t wait to meet all. I’m happy to see that our contest is more and more appreciated in the modeling world, being high rated among beauty and pageant bloggers. 

Lots of thanks to Nasko Lazarov – our PR and Contest Director, who put his ambition in this project to make one of the best editions so far. Our main sponsor DIT Majestic Beach Resort has provided us with amazing rooms and amazing service. I would like to thank the whole management team for this, and especially to Mr. Mihail Popov and Cvetelina Staneva.“


Nasko Lazarov – Director of Profile International – also PR and Contest Director : “I’ve put all my efforts in this project and it will be amazing. We are waiting everyone in gala night – 26.09.2017 – on the terrace of DIT Majestic Beach Resort in Sunny Beach.  Famous singers like Andrea (Bulgaria) and Andreea Banica (Romania) who will sing in the gala night, we have choreographers, dancers, fashion shows, VIP guests. We will make give models a warm welcome here in Bulgaria and make sure they will have a memorable stay.”

There are 3 stages of the competition: national costumes, swimwear and formal wear (elegant). The models will be judged in all period by their catwalk, attitude, their professionalism, their experience and their ability to learn.

Also, their character and personality will be very important, and for this aspect Onin Mas from Philippines will make live broadcasts and will interview the models during this period. Hiss opinion will matter also in the gala night, as he will be part of the international jury.  By this live feeds he will also improve viewer engagement by letting them know more of model’s personality, and of course transmit all the emotions and the excitement from the pageant to the public.

Angie Kassabie will be the official Nutrition Specialist, Longevity & Beauty Trainer of the competition. During the competition, Angie will keep group sessions with the models, giving precious advices about healthy lifestyle, the importance of nutrition and good habits that can keep models on a successful track.

The gala night will be broadcasted LIVE on 26 September on the contest’s Facebook page, and also by Bulgarian TV : InLife tv (Bulgaria), CodeFashion tv (Bulgaria), HILIFE (Bulgaria) and International TV (ArmNews TV from Armenia, TV Liban)

Cvetelina Staneva – Marketing Manager DIT Majestic Beach Resort: “We are proud to be the host and main sponsor of “Top International Model of the World 2017”! This is another great opportunity for us to once again prove and show to the world that DIT Majestic Beach Resort has always offered top quality services to all our local and international partners. We have been hosting many international events so far and truly hope that in this case we will again meet the high expectations of both the organizers and their guests.

All our top management team has been involved in the preparation of “Top International Model of the World 2017”. We, together with the organizers Robert Cazan and Nasko Lazarov, will put all our efforts in order to guarantee the smooth execution of the whole event. Hopefully in the end all international guests will feel at home, here in Bulgaria.

Thank you for your trust – your loyalty as our dear partners is highly appreciated! “

Among the special guests will be:  Natalia Gurkova, Kubrat Pulev, Irina Papazova, Victoria Kesarovska, Maria Boneva, Vesela Barbukova, Mayor of Bourgas- Dimitar Nikolov, Magdalena Nikolova, Dimitar Ivanov, Smear Otman, Octay Hadjoglu, Hristo Krusharsky, Ali Aliyev, Slavcho Toshev, Nikolay Petrov, Tomov, Georgi Valkov – Master Manhunt 2017, Valery Shopov, Liam Webber, Violeta and Alben Galevi si Rumen Chandarov.”


We are proud to announce that Lyron Martina will be our official catwalk teacher for our international models!

Having 20 years of experience within the world of beauty – Lyron Martina began a new path within this area by preparing the Queens, model, and producing many beauty events. After advanced training in Curacao, Lyron learned how to build a show, organize Castings, work the Catwalk/Stage performances and be an Image consultant.

Lyron joined Cybeco Organization in 1994, which organizes ‘Miss Curacao’ and ‘Miss Teenage Curacao’. In 1998,Lyron attended the Modeling School ‘Dionly’, where he was trained to become a model and participated in many fashion shows.

In 2000/2001 Lyron became part of the REPROD organization, the biggest beauty pageant franchise organization. Most recently – July 2010 – Lyron was Model-coach for the fashion show ZZUNS by Nataly.

“What you do, the way you think, makes you beautiful” – Lyron Martina.



Press release: We have the great pleasure to announce that DIT Majestic Beach Resort will host this year’s edition of Top International Model of the World, bringing models from more than 30 countries in an unique model competition!
Many thanks to the management of DIT Majestic Beach Resort and to our contest director and partner Nasko Lazarov

14.01.2017:  soon we will publish the official schedule of the competition

26.10.2016: Watch here a short presentation of our next edition



Proud to announce the host town of our next edition: Sunny Beach – BULGARIA! Many thanks to Nasko Lazarov (PR)
The official dates will be published soon!


Stay in touch with our latest news and press releases.  We will publish new information about the contest, candidates, sponsors, and the following activities until the contest

30.08.2016 Meet the two big winners of our competition: Miss Romania (Timea Socol) & Mr. Brazil (Frank Willian)Winners Top International Model Of The World

30.08.2016 1st runner ups: Mr. South Korea (Remy Friedly) and Miss Serbia (Amanda Manasievski)

1st runner up

1st runner up

30.08.2016 Second runner ups: Miss Macedonia (Jovana Jovancic) and Mr. Serbia (Milos Radicevic)

2nd runner up

Miss Macedonia – Jovana Jovancic

2nd runner up

Mr. Serbia – Milos Radicevic

30.08.2016 Finalists (from left to right:Mr. South Korea – Remy Friedly, Mr. Switzerland – Tiago Mendes Cochard, Mr. Bulgaria – Yordan Yordanov, Mr. Serbia – Milos Radicevic, Mr. Brazil – Frank Willian, Miss Romania – Timea Socol, Miss Serbia – Amanda Manasievski, Miss Macedonia – Jovana Jovancic, Miss Luzon – Daniella Emilio, Miss Philippines – Kristine Joy Ocampo Cruz)


30.08.2016 Winners of Best Catwalk: Miss Romania (Timea Socol) and Mr. South Korea (Remy Friedly)

Winner Best Catwalk

Miss Romania – Timea Socol

Winner Best Catwalk

Mr. South Korea – Remy Friedly

30.08.2016 Winners of best Best Photogenic: Miss India (Rashmi Buntwal) and Mr. Bulgaria (Yordan Yordanov)

Winner Best Photogenic

Miss India – Rashmi Buntwal

Winner Most Photogenic

Mr. Bulgaria – Yordan Yordanov

30.08.2016 Winners of Best Body: Miss Macedonia (Jovana Jovancic) and Mr. Bulgaria (Yordan Yordanov)

Winner Best Body

Miss Macedonia – Jovana Jovancic

Winner Best Body

Mr. Bulgaria – Yordan Yordanov


30.08.2016 Winners of best national costume : Mr. Brazil (Frank Willian) and Miss Luzon (Daniella Emilio)

Winner Best National Costume

Mr. Brazil – Frank Willian

Winner Best National Costume

Miss Luzon – Daniella Emilio


10 days left!

12.07.2016 We publicly state that we have retracted our support for OIVA VIIVI NANGOMBE – who was supposed to represent NAMIBIA to our competition, due to fail of complying to our terms and conditions.

12.07.2016 See here our new schedule! Many thanks to our sponsors and partners


07.07.2016 Due to some health problems, our selected Mr. Brazil Lionel Lobo handed his title and the responsibility to his friend FRANK WILLIAN (1st Runner Up in Mr. Brazil Tur) to represent Brazil at our edition from 22-31 August 2016.

Mr. Brazil Top International Model 2016


05.07.2016 Our great pleasure to introduce Milos Radicevic – who will be representing SERBIA to our competition, from 22-31 August 2016.

Mister Serbia Top International Model 2016

05.07.2016 Our great pleasure to announce that JOLIDON will be the official sponsor to provide SWIMWEAR for our models, for photoshoots and for gala night!

Jolidon – European Fashion Lingerie

05.07.2016 We welcome BLERIM KRASNIQI , who will be representing KOSOVO at our edition, where models all over the world are expected to participate.
22-31 August 2016

Mr. Kosovo Top International Model 2016

04.07.2016 We are proud to present to you Pajtim Mehmetaj – who will be representing ALBANIA to our edition, from 22-31 August 2016.

Mr. Albania Top International Model 2016

04.07.2016 We welcome Jovana Jovančić – Miss Macedonia Top International Model, who will be participating to our edition from 22-31 August 2016.

Miss Macedonia Top International Model 2016

28.06.2016 Our great pleasure to introduce Antoaneta Taneva – who will be representing BULGARIA to our edition from 22-31 August 2016.

Miss Bulgaria Top International Model 2016

27.06.2016 We welcome to our competition our Miss delegate for SERBIA – Amanda Manasievski – who will be participating to our edition from 22-31 August 2016

Miss Serbia Top International Model

26.06.2016 Our beautiful Miss delegate for ROMANIA – Timea Socol – who will be participating to our edition from 22-31 August 2016.

Miss Romania Top International Model 2016

24.06.2016 Welcome Mr. BULGARIA – Jordan Jordanov, who will be participating to our edition during 22-31 August 2016!

Mr. Bulgaria Top International Model 2016

22.06.2016 See here our articles about our contest in national and international press:

Concursul de modeling ”Top International Model of The World” vine in Romania!

PREMIERA in ROMANIA. ”Top International Model of The World”, TITLUL de CEL MAI BUN MODEL al LUMII se da la HERCULANE/VIDEO

PREMIERA in ROMANIA. ”Top International Model of The World”, TITLUL de CEL MAI BUN MODEL al LUMII se dă la HERCULANE

Top International Model of The World 2016–la-baile-herculane.html–la-baile-herculane.html–premiera-in-romania-top-international-model-of-the-world-titlul-de-cel-mai-bun-model-al-lumii-se-da-la-herculane


Moldova press:

Moldova press:–poti-castiga-1500-de-euro-si-o-multime-de-beneficii—76472.html


Bulgarian newspapers:

Bulgarian magazine:

Bulgarian news:


14.06.2016 Tomorrow we will announce the female representative for Romania

Romania Model

06.06.2016 Our new promo video:

03.06.2016 Confirmed: Ridwan Abolade – Mr. Nigeria Top International Model 2016

26.05.2016 We have an important announcement: SMGLOBAL CATWALK MODEL MANAGEMENT will be our exclusive partner for USA, who will send Miss/Mr. USA Top International Model to our competition from 22-31 August 2016 – Romania, EUROPE. All interested must apply here

Official USA Partner

20.05.2016: This is where our international models will stay during 22-31 August 2016 – Afrodita Resort & Spa, a 4* hotel in the balneary city of Herculane. See more at:

Afrodita Resort & Spa

20.05.2016: Baile Herculane – Our Host Town for 2016 edition!
This spa town is being visited mostly for its natural healing thermal springs with, being a remedy and a healing for many people who seek health. It has lots of hot springs with sulfur, sodium, chlorine, magnesium, calcium and other minerals. Some of these springs are even used by Ivatherm, who bottles the thermal water which is great in mineral salts and oligoelements the skin needs, and can calm redness and irritations. On a market dominated by Vichy or Avene, Ivatherm became a serious competitor,using the thermal water from Baile Herculane in its products.

Chronic inflammatory and degenerative rheumatic diseases, musculoskeletal, gynecological diseases, diabetes, peripheral nervous system, digestive diseases or eye conditions can be treated here at Herculane.

Herculane thermal springs


27.04.2016 Confirmed: John Khalifa – Mr. Ethiopia Top International Model 2016

27.04.2016 The old center of Herculane, visited by many tourists, renowed for hosting the statue of Hercules, the ancient greek mythology hero, will be one of the locations where our models participating the 2016 edition of Top International Model of The World will have a wonderful photo shoot

Herculane city center - romania

19.04.2016 Confirmed: Diana Haprova – Miss Estonia Top International Model 2016

07.04.2016 Soon, models from Ethiopia, Dominican Republic, Albania, Kosovo, South Africa, Greece will be confirmed for participation to our Pageant: 22-31 August 2016, in Herculane, Romania, EUROPE. Many countries will be confirming their participation soon.

04.04.2016 Franchise extended to some african countries

30.03.2016 See a short video about Herculane, where the 2016 models will be present during our edition.


14.03.2016: Our co-host for the gala night will be Nino Mas, a well known presenter from Philippines with a vast experience in modeling and beauty contests. Nino Mas has been a host for more than 3 years at various events, presenting more than 15 beauty pageants, along with other events for companies and social campaigns. Let’s give Nino a warm welcome to our team!
Nino Mas - our co-host for Gala Night

13.03.2016Miss Philippines: confirmed

28.02.2016: Check our Facebook page for new photos and videos from last year’s edition

26.02.2016: Here’s a photo with our last year’s models after a fashion show

After fashion show

15.02.2016: Watch the sight of the Domogled Mountains from the balneary resort, where models around the world will participate to our next edition during 22-31 August 2016. Click here to view the photo

11.02.2016: New photos on our Facebook Page. Don’t forget to visit

04.02.2016: Castings continue worldwide. Don’t miss the opportunity to join our edition

28.01.2016: We are happy to announce that one of the biggest fitness schools from Romania – FITNESS EDUCATION SCHOOL ( will be the official sport team that will international models from around 20 countries, participating our edition in 22 – 31 August 2016.

Fitness EducationFitness Education will provide master trainers that will schedule sport activities with our models, from which group fitness, group aerobics and outdoor activities in the wonderful balneary resort Baile Herculane in ROMANIA.

General Manager Iulian Dinu (Fitness Education School): It’s a pleasure to be part of this international event and have the opportunity to train international models. We will be responsible of the workout training, keeping models in
shape and making sure the training is is safe and the models don’t suffer injuries during workout. “.


Afrodita Resort and Spa

Some activities will take place in official contest hotel – Afrodita Resort & Spa ( – in the fitness gym, in the aerobic hall, and even in the pool (aqua gym), while others will be outdoor.




27.01.2016: Confirmed: Lionel Lobo – Mr. Brazil Top International Model 2016

27.01.2016: Confirmed: Vicent Loga – Mr. Philippines Top International Model 2016

12.01.2016: Official castings have started – model sign-up available here: